Honors English II

Honors II Syllabus


Term A: American Literature

Short Story Unit

The Great Gatsby– F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Grapes of Wrath– John Steinbeck

A Streetcar Named Desire– Tennessee Williams

The Old Man and the Sea– Ernest Hemingway

Term B: British Literature

Frankenstein– Mary Shelley



Julius Caesar– Shakespeare

Macbeth– Shakespeare


Term A: 15 Units; 3 unit tests

Term B: 15 units; 3 unit tests



Term A: short story, The Great Gatsby The Grapes of Wrath, Old Man and the Sea

Term B: Frankenstein, Julius Caesar


Term B: Frankenstein

Grammar & Mechanics

Term A: Grammar

Term B: Mechanics

Honors II Skills

Vocabulary– Add vocabulary words, which students use in their writing.

Grammar– mastery of parts of speech, parts of sentence, sentence types

Conventions– Cover all parts of the writing guide. Students should be able to explain why they included punctuation/verb/pronoun citing writing guide rule and giving a full explanation using grammar terminology.

Reading– Complete close readings, analyze author’s selection of detail and mood. Inference and predict based on previous reading.

Analysis of Literature– use all literary terms fluently; pick out the author’s use of literary devices and explain them; independently determine theme, symbol, motif in pieces of literature. Compare and contrast pieces of literature in their writing style.


• write a fluent introduction, which narrows to the thesis sentence

• choose an appropriate style of thesis sentence

• use imbedded transitions in a topic sentence

• craft clincher sentences, which summarize and flow from the previous sentence

• provide ample evidence to support a thesis statement

• use imbedded quotations

• determine strong quotations to use as evidence

• write a conclusion that summarizes and gives the reader a bigger idea

Types of Writing-

• mood analysis of a short stoy

• Literary analysis of The Great Gatsby, subject chosen from class discussion

• Literary analysis of The Grapes of Wrath– use the intercalary chapter to                 I              introduce the literary element supported by the Joad chapters

• Literary analysis of Frankenstein– topic chosen independently by student

• Rhetorical analysis of Julius Caesar

Research- research an analyze an assigned topic from Frankenstein and present to the class.