Parent Nights

Waukee Middle School Parent Night #2 Structure and Process

Tuesday, October 23rd from 3:30-7:30 pm


Thursday, October 25th from 3:30-7:30 pm

FIRST, watch this video to get a good feel for what Parent Night #2 will look and sound like:

Parent Night #2: Students Celebrate Learning “How-to” Video

Tips that will help the evening go well for you and your child:

  • Focus on learning, not behavior
  • Focus on the learning process, not just the product
  • Encourage students to reflect on their learning and current proficiency
  • Support students in determining their “next steps” for improvement
  • Students will share artifacts to demonstrate progress toward learning targets

Process for the evening:

  • The handout you receive in Advisory will include learning your child wants to share with you and some prompts for you (the parent) to ask as you move throughout your time together.
  • Teachers will have prompts and other information available in the classroom to support your conversations and be present to answer questions and support student conversations.
  • All teachers will be in their regular classrooms unless your child let’s you know otherwise.

Concerned about not getting 1:on:1 time with the teacher?

This is a great question and one that has been brought up in other conversations with our families. If you wish for a more private, extended conversation, we recommend you request that a teacher contact you for a phone or in-person conversation outside of our Parent Night. You can do that now or anytime throughout the school year. We want to move away from the mindset that “conferences” are the only two times parents and teachers should communicate in person or over the phone. We are encouraging ongoing conversation from teachers, students and parents throughout the school year.

Additional Questions? (email

Do we recommend you attend? Absolutely! This is a great opportunity for parents to get a look (hear, see & even feel) at how things are going with your son or daughter, what they are learning/working and how they understand the learning targets up to this point in their classes. Your child is preparing for the time so please make it a priority!

Parent Night Sign-up Information

Registering your Parent Night time

To give greater flexibility in scheduling, Waukee Middle School continues to make scheduling available via the web. Beginning Thursday, October 11th, you will have the opportunity to access our calendar and to pick an available time that best fits your schedule. Each evening is broken down into 20 minute segments; these segments are only your arrival time. You may stay for as long or as short of a time as you’d like.

If you do not have access to the internet at home or work, the school welcomes you to use one of our computers. Also, you can use a computer at the public library or our district office located at 560 Southeast University Avenue.

The following simple steps are necessary to help you select an available time to create an appointment.

Step-By-Step Parent/Guardian Instructions

  1. Click on the following link to open the online scheduler:  Online Scheduler Link
  2. From the Online Scheduler Home Page
    1. Choose your student’s school from the drop down list and click “GO”.
    2. Enter the school password (wmswarriors).
    3. Click the LOOKUP STUDENT ID button to access the system.
    4. Verify the student’s birth date.
    5. You will see your student’s advisory teacher with whom you will sign up.
    6. If you have more than one student at WMS, you can schedule all conferences at one time by answering YES to this question, “Do you want to schedule conferences for another student?”  If you have only one student, answer NO to that question.
    7. You will then see the available time slots
    8. Select the time that works best for your schedule.
    9. Enter your email address (recommended), if you would like an email reminder sent to you. (Your email address is kept private.)
    10. Once you have finished, you can confirm your appointment details and print your conference schedule.
    11. Write down the Confirmation Number. (You will need this number to cancel your appointment.)

If you need assistance, please email or call


Feel free to contact Jeane or Debbie at 515.987.5177 if you are having any difficulties or need assistance. We value your involvement and look forward to spending this time with you and your student!

Waukee Middle School 2018-2019 Parent Night #1

  • Parent Night is Thursday, August 30th, 2018; for your scheduling convenience, there are two sessions (roughly, 3:45-5:30 OR 5:50-7:30), and you only need to attend one To register for one of these sessions, please utilize this link: Parent Night Registration. Please also remember that this is a parent only night.
  • You will begin the evening by reporting directly to your student’s advisory teacher’s classroom. You will then move through your student’s schedule and attend each of his/her classes just like they would. The advisory teacher will have a schedule for you.
  • Considering we are on an A/B day schedule, and your student may have two different electives for the same period (for example, on “A” days, your student may have Art and on “B” days, your student may have PE), you will need to choose which elective you will attend. Of course, if you have questions for the teacher or about the class you didn’t attend, we encourage you to contact that teacher directly with your questions.
  • We have a number of shared teachers that travel between Waukee Middle and South Middle. Each of these teachers will stay in one location on this evening rather than traveling in such a short period of time. They will have information as well as a way to collect questions available in their classroom. See below for our traveling teachers and their locations:
    • Holeman-7th Spanish: South Middle School
    • Johnson-7th Art: South Middle School
    • Snicker-6th and 7th Speech/Drama: Waukee Middle School
  • You will have a 3-minute passing period to move between classes. We will use the intercom to indicate when it is time to move from class to class.
  • Our library will be open during this evening; feel free to drop in and visit with Reinhold about how our library supports our students’ learning.