Public Service Announcement Project

Students just started their Public Service Announcement project. The purpose of this project is for them to practice their research skills and work with a new type of technology to use: Garage Band. Students are working in groups to complete this project! We will finish it up at the end of April!

We’re Learning!

This past week we’ve been learning how to be a better searcher on search engines and we’ve also learned how to make sure a website is high quality! As your student what they’ve learned! What does it mean when you use quotation marks or a minus sign in a search? What are other things you should look for on a website besides the author’s name or when it was last updated?

What’s Happening Lately

Students are finishing up their unit on using digital media appropriately with an assessment today/tomorrow depending on if they’re A or B Day. We played an online game called Digital Compass to practice their skills earlier this week.

Next week we will start learning about strategic online searching, finding high quality sites, and being a responsible user of others’ work in preparation for our online safety public service announcement project!

Harmless or Harmful? Personal or Private?

We talked this week about how students represent themselves online. Is a situation harmless or harmful? Is something personal or private?

A lot of it comes down to their feelings. If they feel a situation is wrong or if they feel they might be in trouble because of what they’re doing online, that is a sure sign to probably avoid or leave a situation.

I also talked about how what they share online it ultimately up to their parents and them. I hope you can have some good conversations at home about what you’d like your child to share online. It is good to eventually build a positive digital footprint, but you must decide when that is appropriate for your child.

Parent Digital Media Resource

I know parenting in an age of digital media use can be tough! Common Sense Media is a great resource. I use it for a lot of our lessons in the unit we started today about appropriate media use, but there is a parent side of the page which shows reviews of TV, movies, apps, and more as well as parenting resources to help with different topics. Make sure to check it out!

Discussion Unit Complete

We just finished up our unit on effective discussion skills. Students should be able to tell you about the power of good posture, eye contact, questioning and piggybacking to make an effective discussion. I am working on grading their discussions, so look for an update in PowerSchool within the next week!

Communications News Issue 1

Welcome to a new semester! This semester, your student is most likely taking Communications! In this class, we work on discussion skills, technology use, and researching skills. I’m excited for the new semester.

Right now, we’re working on effective discussion skills. Your student is learning about the importance of genuine listening and good questioning.

Leadership News Issue 5

We just finished up our unit on Problem Solving and Decision Making. Students took an assessment that I will get corrected very soon. Our last unit this semester will be on working together in a group appropriately and productively. We will talk about how to stand up for yourself in a group as well as how to work to include others and understand and appreciate differences!

We also did a Breakout Box this week to do a little preview of group work and think about mindset. Have your student tell you about it!

Leadership News Issue 4

We are starting our new unit on Problem Solving and Ethical Behavior. Students have been learning about how to deal with problems using the Stop, Think, Go model for short term problems, and a more lengthy process for longer-term problems and decisions.

1. identify the problem or opportunity.

2. Gather relevant information.

3. Develop as many options as possible.

4. Evaluate your options and decide on and implement the best one. (Think about pros and cons of different options).

5. Continue to evaluate the consequences of the decision.

We will be working on this almost up to Thanksgiving Break