DEAR Problem Solving



We’re starting a new unit to focus on Problem Solving and Ethical Behavior. We started it off Friday and today learning about a four step process to solve our problems. We talked about how our goal is that they become more independent in their ability to solve problems and less dependent on adults to solve their problems for them. In class we worked through some simple problems like what to do if they don’t have a pencil. Below you can see an explanation of the process. We talked about how in the E step, we want to think of at least five possible solutions so we have a variety of options to work through if one fails.

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 10.17.14 AM



SMART Goal tests are slowly going into Power School. If your student is an A-Day, they should be in there. If they are a B-Day, I plan to enter them over the next few days.


Students are learning about the qualities of a good goal. We use the SMART goal format. The words we use to represent SMART are:

Specific – know exactly what you want to accomplish

Measurable – make it something you can measure (How will you know when you reached your goal?)

Achievable – make your goal something that you can do but pushed you a little.

Relevant – make your goal meaningful to your life.

Timely – have a deadline for your goal


Talk to your child about how you use goals in your life either at work or at home!


Life Is Like a Jar of Rocks

We’re starting our next unit talking about responsibility, time management, and goal setting. We started off thinking about our priorities and thinking about how life is like a jar of rocks. Ask your student what his or her big rocks were after you watch the video they watched.


We’ve been talking about paradigm in Leadership. Paradigms are how we view things and our views may not always be 100% correct. We’ve talked about how paradigms can play out in our lives and if they’re incorrect, they can limit us from our full potential. Each student made a set of paradigm lenses with their positive and negative self-paradigms that will be displayed in out classroom.

Ask your child about the See/Do/Get model and how it can play out in their life in a positive or negative way.


What’s Your Fruit?


Your child may be coming home telling you, “I’m a grape!” or some crazy fruit and you have no idea what they’re talking about. We took a little personality quiz last week and will be learning about what it means this week. We will use this information throughout the semester because it relates a lot to what we do with setting goals, solving problems, and working in groups!

Here’s a version of the fruit quiz if you want to take it and see how you score!

Fruit Quiz

Welcome to Leadership Development!

I am so excited to have your child in my class this semester. This semester we will be learning about:

  • The importance of a good attitude and outlook.
  • How to solve problems.
  • How to set SMART goals.
  • Ethical behavior.
  • How to work appropriately¬†and productively with others.

To start off the year students will be sharing about themselves through an #iam project. Students will share about who they are with the class in whatever format they choose.

    • PowerPoint or Google Slides
    • Poster
    • Scrapbook
    • Video
    • Paper
    • Just Talk

Students can email me their project or bring it in on paper. If they email me, please have them put their name and class period in the email subject. Students will also need to bring in one of their notebooks to class, too. These are due:

A Day: Tuesday, August 29

B Day: Wednesday, August 30


Here is mine if you’re interested in viewing it.