9th Hour Explained

What is “9th Hour”?

In order to provide extra assistance (academic & behavior) for students, both 6th and 7th grade teams will be offering a “9th Hour” every week this year beginning on Thursday, September 13. Students may be a part of 9th Hour for any of the following reasons:

  • Missing or late assignments (multiple or frequent)
  • Additional time to work on skills, concepts, projects, papers, etc.
  • Consequence for behavior (3+ documented incidents)

Missing Work: If a student is missing assignments, teachers may invite them to stay after school for 30 or 60 minutes; 3:05-3:30 or 3:05-4:00 pm; to work on completing the missing work.  This will help to keep late or missing assignments from piling up and help with student organization.

Additional Time: Teachers may ask a student to stay to work on a skill he/she is struggling with in class (beginning or developing). This additional time will allow students to process the instruction and practice the skill. The amount of time will be dependent on the student’s need and will be communicated with parents as to a pick up time.

Consequences: If a student earns a 3rd documented incident (combination of disrespect, noncompliance, tardy, etc.), they will serve a detention and complete a Plan of Responsible Action with the teacher or the 9th Hour teacher. 9th Hour is one option to serve that detention along with before school or during lunch. The reteaching conversation or lesson must still take place between the student and the teacher he/she earned the documented behavior from during the event/situation.

How will it work?


The process: If a teacher would like or needs a student to attend a 9th hour session on a Thursday:

  1. Parents will be contacted so transportation arrangements can be made (student may call from class phone or their cell during class, they must talk to a parent, leave a message, or text).
  2. Parents may also request their child stay to work on late work or get help with work. Please note that the teacher staying may not be an expert in the area of need (i.e. social studies teacher staying and work needed is math). For extra help with a specific teacher, contact the teacher directly and a time can be worked out (before school, during lunch or after school). 
  3. Students should report to media center/library immediately after school with their work and a pencil. If students are there as a consequence, he/she will complete a Plan of Responsible Action sheet and then will read or complete homework. Students will be dismissed at 3:30pm or 4:00pm and need a ride or instructions as to how to get home.

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