After School Homecoming Party Information

Information for our students is below. If you are attending the Homecoming Party after school on Friday, please:

  • At the end of the day, when the bell rings return to your pod
  • Put all your things in your locker EXCEPT your Homecoming ticket
  • Make sure your parents know to pick you up at 4:45p
  • Hang out in the pod until called to the big gym, bring your ticket with you
  • Report to the gym and wait for instructions from Mr. Young.
  • You cannot leave before 4:45 pm without an adult coming in to check you out. We expect all students to stay until 4:45 pm unless a specific need exist.

Information for our parents if your child is attending the Homecoming Party:

  • Your child should purchase a ticket before school ($5 cash or check made payable to South MS)
  • Pick up your child at South MS by 4:45 pm. All students will exit the building at 4:45 pm so you do not need to come inside. Wait in line or in the parking lot. Please arrange your location with your child prior to Friday afternoon.
  • We will not have supervision after the party is over so it is important you pick up on time.
  • We will not have anyone answering phones during the party or following. If a student does not have a phone and needs to use one, they may find an adult and use the office phone.
  • Below is a map for pick-up time.
    • 6th grade students will meet parents out front (SW parking lot). We will follow regular pick up procedures (i.e. one line in the pick up line OR park in the parking lot.)
    • 7th grade students will meet parents out back (NE parking lot). We will follow similar pick up procedures than we do out front (i.e. one pick up line OR park in parking lot & student walks to you).
    • If you have a 6th grader AND a 7th grader, use the 7th grade pick up location
  • We’d prefer and strongly recommend all students stay until 4:45pm, but if you need to pick up your child early…
    • Arrange the time with your child ahead of time as finding one student amongst 500+ has been a challenge in the past. 🙂
    • Students walking home will need to wait until 4:45p as no student may leave without an adult present.
    • You will need to walk in to through the main doors and check-out your child in the office (and any children riding with you) with an adult.

Homecoming Pick Up

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