ONE Word for 2019


CHOOSING YOUR ONE WORD: For the 5th year at South, I am encouraging every staff
member, student and parent to choose your ONE WORD to drive your actions, vision and
mission for this coming year. After reading Jon Gordon’s reasoning behind choosing your ONE word a number of years ago, this is a practice I started doing on my own to better help me drive me toward my WHY, my purpose.

By each of us choosing that ONE WORD and then sharing this word with each other, my hope is that this action supports a collective positive vision for our students, staff and building. As the new year begins, I would love to get as many staff, parents and students involved in this by having you select your ONE WORD for the year and submit it here. Below is a visual of all the ONE Words chosen over the past 4 years by staff, students and parents.

As I thought about which word I was going to choose this year, it was much more of a struggle for me than any previous years. Both at work and at home, the upcoming year brings much change and unknown. Our district continues to grow quickly and the Waukee I knew nine years ago seems to be so much different than the Waukee today. The opportunities for our students are nearly endless, our teachers still continue to do amazing things in the classroom, but the challenges of being able to hone in on the individual needs of each and every student with rapid growth and 100s of new students can be daunting. The need for me, each of us, and our entire building/district to understand and connect with our changing student and community population is vital for us to continue to be THE leading district in the state. I believe in Waukee and know it will take listening and work to be the school we want to be for our students and families. At home, my oldest child will graduate and head off to college next fall followed by my other two children in the not-so-far-away future. The life I know today in my home will look drastically different over the next 1-5 years. I realize my time to share all my parental knowledge and shape them into the young men I want them to be is running short (I do know my limits here as well!).

So with all that in mind, my ONE WORD for the 2019 year is PRESENT. My hope for PRESENT guiding my upcoming year is to:

  • Be present in my conversations with our stakeholders. My goal is to engage in a number of student and community conversations (1:on:1; small group, etc.) to deepen my understanding of who we serve and how I/we can do it better. 
  • Be present as much as I can when I’m engaged in conversation with teacher teams, walking through classrooms, standing in the hallway during passing periods and avoiding distractors when I need to be present (phone, email, etc.).
  • Be present in my home. Put down, put away, put up my phone and laptop to avoid working being seen as a priority over my wife or sons. Play. Listen. Enjoy this time.

Best of luck in selecting your ONE WORD for 2019. As we finish the 2018 year this week at South, I want to wish you and your family a relaxing, joy-filled winter break and a happy New Years. All of us here at South MS look forward to a fantastic second half to our school year beginning January 2nd!

Doug Barry, Principal

2018: Vision
2017: Moment
2016: Joy
2015: Focus

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