Early Outs

EARLY dismissal dates may be found on our district calendar found on our school webpage. The early-out days for teacher professional development are listed in purple.

Early Dismissal times are as follows:

  • Elementary: 1:40p
  • Middle School: 12:58p
  • Prairieview & Timberline: 12:50p
  • High School: 1:00p

What do we do during early outs??
Student Impact Projects – Year 3!

For the third year, South MS teachers will be engaging in student impact projects during the Student Impact quote 2majority of our professional development. During the summer of 2016, we started with the a Big Idea question: How do companies like Google come up with the amazing things they do? We determined it may be as simple as being given time to be creative and explore new options and ideas. Google is famous for its “20% Time” concept, which has been adopted by many businesses and organizations. As we began our planning for professional development last year, we wanted to create a way for our teachers to connect learning desires or goals to building goals in a way that would support our teachers at where they were in their journey and more importantly, IMPACT students!

The past two years, our teachers have engaged in a variety of learning topics and did so individually or within small learning teams. Below, you can view the ideas and Student Impact Projects our teachers dug in to during the course of the year. Our professional Student Impact quote 4development goal was to more effectively empower individual teachers to be creative and innovative; and in turn, empower students to do the same. We are still in the beginning of our journey but observed a number of exciting outcomes from last year’s work. Our leadership team is looking forward to entering year-two in our learning, planning, implementing and reflecting.

If as a parent, community member or professional, you see a connection with any of our topics OR you would be excited to be a part of our learning, please contact me with your thoughts and ideas. We LOVE to partner-up in our learning, implementation and reflection!

Doug Barry, SMS Principal

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