STW Program

Specific STW Course offerings. Students take this class for Dual Credit from DMACC for 6 credits in addition to the credit awarded from Waukee High School.

School-to-Work Class – Elective
(DMACC ADM 221 Career Development Skills)
1 Term                     Prerequisites: None
Covers all aspects of professional job placement procedures including career goal setting, developing prospective employer lists, resume writing, job application forms, employment tests, personal appearance, interviewing, and follow-up.

School-to-Work Internship – Elective
(DMACC ADM 936 Occupational Experiences)
3 Terms (2 blocks each term recommended)
2 Terms (2 blocks required)
Prerequisite: Application is made during the junior year

Students receive credit and a grade for each block of work completed in the School-to-Work internship. Students choosing the internship opportunity must apply in the spring of their junior year and complete all paperwork by the determined deadline.

Acceptance is conditional upon:

  • Recommendations from three WHS teachers
  • A record of excellent attendance during the junior year
  • Demonstration of good citizenship – as recorded in the Counselor’s office
  • A history of quality academic performance and support relative to the student’s career interests:
Students interested in architecture should have taken or be enrolled in CAD. Students interested in medical careers should have adequate preparation in science and have completed Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training*.  Students interested in education should take Psychology and Child Development.

*Waukee Community Schools will provide payment for such opportunities if taken during the academic school calendar year.

  • Available space in the student’s senior schedule
  • Internship availability
  • Interns must provide their own transportation and may need to supply workplace appropriate attire.
  • Employers may require drug tests, health screenings, background checks, and credit examinations. Failure to pass drug tests, dishonest actions, poor attendance, or questionable behavior would result in the student being removed from School-to-Work.

Students will be enrolled in the class for DMACC credit in addition to credits awarded from Waukee High School.

EQUITY STATEMENT:  Waukee’s School-to-Work program is available to all senior students in good standing, and will not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, gender, marital status, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.  Students in the School-to-Work program are encouraged to succeed based on their own abilities.