Welcome APEX students for 2018-19!

I am teaching two courses this year. One section each of research and medical in the fall. Two sections of research in the spring. Please see appropriate Google calendar tab on this blog for more information and to link it to your phone. I also have course guides and FAQs on the APEX Course Resources drop down page.

For the Health Sciences and Medicine class (aka medical), there will be an OPTIONAL open house at Des Moines University (DMU) on Wed Aug 15 at two times (5:00 and 5:45). There is an online registration that is needed for that open house and it is program style and a tour. You are asked to register how many participants will be attending so DMU can staff it appropriately. Please arrive on time and you only need to pick one time slot.

For the Medical and Bioscience Research course (aka research), there will be an open house at the Waukee Innovation Learning Center (WILC) at 295 SE Ashworth Road, Waukee on Tuesday, Aug 21 from 6-8 pm which is the normal high school open house hours. The research open house is more of a traditional come and go type of open house. Come in, see the lab and get your questions answered!

If you are registered in either of these courses, emails went out on 7/31 and 8/1 to all Powerschool parent and student emails. If you did not receive one, please contact me at hshowalter@waukeeschools.org and I will make sure you get all the information you need.

Thank you,

Holly Showalter