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During the past cycle or two of guidance we have been learning about personal safety through lessons that go over strangers, mixed up touches and trusting instincts.  During guidance, we learned these four rules:

  • I will always CHECK FIRST with my parent, guardian or other trusted adult before going anywhere, helping anyone, accepting anything or getting into a car.
  • I will TAKE A FRIEND with me when going places or playing outside.
  • I will TELL PEOPLE “NO” if they try to touch me or hurt me.  It is okay for me to stand up for myself.
  • I will TELL MY TRUSTED ADULT if anything makes me feel sad, scared or confused.

I would highly recommend going to and exploring this website with your children as you continue the conversation on personal safety.



Alright Moms and Dads, how do you teach your kids about good touch and bad touch?

  • Give them ownership of their body.
  • Use appropriate language.
  • Keep conversation light and easy.
  • Use the swim suit rule to talk about private areas.
  • Explain that a safe touch is when a doctor or a parent has to do something that they  won’t like to help keep them safe.  Give concrete examples.
  • Empower them to say “NO”.
  • Use books about good touch and bad touch.
  • Don’t force affection.
  • Help them trust their feelings.
  • Practice or role play.

Adapted from the B-Inspired Mama blog.

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