Throughout the course of the school year your students and I will explore the following units during their 30 minute guidance class once every six days:

  • Friendship Skills and Bullying Prevention
  • Personal Safety
  • Study Skills
  • Problem Solving and Relationships
  • Understanding and Celebrating Diversity
  • Career Development
  • Transition and Summer Safety

We have learning targets for every unit and grade.  Stay tuned for a list of learning targets as I continue to update this page with what we are learning in guidance.

Kindergarten:  Kindergarteners are continuing to use their detective skills as they detect the bugs that try to ruin friendship gardens.  Bugs such as excluding, teasing, tattling, etc.  

       *Learning Target:  I can identify the characteristics of a bully. 

First Grade: First Graders are learning how to make an keep friends as they articulate the character traits of their partner, discover commonalities and cooperate to make a plan for a creature.  Students will then have to cooperate once again in order to solve the problem of who gets to take the creature home.  

         *Learning Target:  I can make and keep friends. 

Second Grade:    Second Graders are taking a look within their hearts in order to see the qualities that they look for in a friend a.k.a sidekick.  They will also learn to use their superpower of x-ray vision.  This power helps your hero see through a negative label and transform it into a true and positive label.

         *Learning Target:  I can identify a consequence of behavior.  

Third Grade:  We are taking a deeper look into the villain MEAN JEAN as we try to understand the complexities of Mean Jean and how her misbehavior can lead to bullying behavior.  

         *Learning Target:  I can explain why friends sometimes do not get along.  

Fourth Grade:  We are taking a doing a temperature check in the fourth grade.  We are asking eight questions in order to get a sense from our students about bullying behavior and its presence at Woodland Hills.  Fourth graders will take a look at the data in order to determine the next course of action.  

          *Learning Target:  I can stand up for my friends if they are being bullied.      

Fifth Grade:  Fifth graders will be studying their qualities, talents and skills as they learn that they can use these things to lead others.  

       *Learning Target:  I can explain what it means to be a good leader at school.