Small Group Counseling

Small Group Counseling
Small groups are a time for 6-8 students to come together and talk about common interests and issues they are facing. This is also a time for students to deepen understanding, build relationships and learn skills from the counselor as well as one another.

These groups last for six weeks. Typical topics include but are not limited to friendship, grief/loss, changing families, and relational aggression.

Groups are formed from parent, teacher/counselor and student referral. If at any time you feel your child could benefit from a small group, feel free to contact Mr. Ealy or Mrs. Mavis at 515-987-5196 or


Grief Group:

This group will be for students Kindergarten through Fifth grade who have experienced the loss of someone and could benefit from talking about that special loved one as well as experiencing the grief process in a group setting.

Mighty Girl:

Fourth and Fifth grade girls are invited to join a book club that examines “mighty” girl inside.  Girls will talk about self-image, confidence, gossip, etc.

Leader in Me Group

Fourth and Fifth grade students are invited to join this group to help discover the potential leader inside all of them.  This group will be co-led by the Counselor and Core Leader from fourth grade.

Mini Groups:

“Getting Along in School” is a 20 minute group for all Kindergarteners. Kindergarteners will learn how to be successful in school during our session together.

Friendship Group:

I am getting ready to start friendship groups that will meet during lunch and recess time. Students in this group will participate in activities that will help them identify their interests and learn ways of developing and enhancing friendships.

Changing Families Group:

The purpose of a changing families group is to help children realize that others may be going through a similar experience. This group will explore the unique feelings and thoughts of each individual child. Changes that may be addressed during group are separation/divorce, remarriage, adoption, and new siblings. 

Problem Solving Group:
This group is designed to equip, enhance and practice each group member’s problem solving skills. This will assist group members in peacefully resolving conflicts that may arise within and outside of the classroom.


Homework Club:
Students involved in this club will understand the reason for homework, develop a system for getting their homework done as well as hold each other accountable by checking in and cheering each other on.