Student Council

 Student Council at Woodland Hills Elementary can be defined as Fifth Graders using their talents to help lead Woodland Hills.

 Every fifth grade student is asked to select four of the following subgroups based on their talents and interests.  After they select their subgroups they are then asked to fill out an application stating why they should be chosen for their subgroup.  Students are then placed in the following subgroups:

WD Leadership Positions

  • Service Leaders (Mrs. Menke)
    • Organizing and coordinating service to the community through events such as the Winter Warmth Drive, Food Drive and the Giving Tree
  • Library Leaders (Mrs. Poppens)
    • Help check in/out books and help younger students locate books during open library
  • Mentor/Buddy Leader (Mr. Eischeid)
    • Helping kindergarten and first grade students with math and/or reading
  • Music Assistants   (Mrs. Fuemmeler)
    • Set up and tear down chorus
    • Lead Waukee chant during assemblies
  • Technology Leader  (Mrs. Goeller)
    • Shut down computers in open lab
    • Computer related projects
  • Creativity Council   (Ms. Oetken)
    • Work on creative projects for the school
  • Woodland Hills Ambassadors (Ms. Tyler)
    • Give new students a tour in the building
    • Speak at assemblies, parent nights, and Leadership days
  • Peace Leaders (Mrs. Bleckwehl)
    • Work with peers to resolve conflicts in a safe manner 
  • Random Acts of Kindness Crew (Ms. Flaherty)
    • Mission: Brighten another person’s day
  • Green Leaders   (Mrs. Poppens)
    • Help remove recycled items from the classroom and place in the bin
  • PE Posse (Mr. Beenken)
    • Pick up/take down equipment after recess and PE
  • Hospitality Team (Mrs. Mavis)
    • Make a connection to our new students
  • Morning Greeters (Ms. Dowling)
    • Greet students as they come in building
    • Morning announcements