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Useful Links for Parents/Guardians

The Woodland Hills School Counseling Department is much bigger and broader than just the school counselors within the building. It involves ALL stakeholders in the lives of Woodland Hills students:  teachers, administrators, parents/guardians, community members and student leaders. As a result, we have supplied some great resources on this portion of the counseling blog stakeholders can utilize to help support learning in guidance within the areas of personal/social development, career exploration and academic achievement.

▪                Character Building:  Aesop Fables (multiple links to stories that teach important life lessons)

▪                Bullying Prevention:  Waukee’s Commitment to Bullying Prevention

▪                Bullying Prevention:  Perils of Parenting (MSNBC)

▪                Bullying Prevention:  Pacer Kids Against Bullying

▪                Bullying Prevention:  Stop Bullying 

▪                Bullying Prevention:  Stop Bullying

▪                Career Development:  Virginia Career View

▪                Career Development:  I Believe in Me

▪                Career Development:  Kids Work

▪                Career Development:

▪                Career Development:  Paws in Jobland

▪                Career Development:  The Career Zone

▪                Career Development:  What do I Like?

▪                Celebrating Diversity:  We Are Family Foundation

▪                Celebrating Diversity:  Time for ToleranceCelebrating Diversity:  Time for Tolerance

▪                Celebrating Diversity:  Teaching your Child Tolerance

▪                Celebrating Diversity:  Cross Cultural Differences and Respecting Others

▪                Healthy Relationships (lower elementary):  Out on a Limb – A Guide to Getting Along

▪                Healthy Relationships (upper elementary):  Dealing with Peer Pressure

▪                Healthy Relationships (upper elementary):  The Scoop on Gossip

▪                Healthy Relationships (upper elementary):  How Cliques make Kids feel left out

▪                Healthy Relationships:  How to Talk to your Parents

▪                Healthy Relationships:  Getting Along with Mom and Dad

▪                Healthy Relationships:  Getting Along with Brothers and Sisters

–               Healthy Sleep

▪                Managing Feelings:  The Story on Stress

▪                Managing Feelings:  How to be a Good Sport

▪                Managing Feelings:  Train your Temper

▪                Managing Feelings:  The Story on Self-Esteem

▪                Managing Feelings:  School Counselors can Help

▪                Parenting Emotionally Healthy Children:  Raising Small Souls

▪                Parenting Emotionally Healthy Children:  PBS Parents

▪                Parenting Emotionally Healthy Children:  One Tough Job

▪                Parenting Emotionally Healthy Children:  Girls Health (bullying prevention, healthy relationships and safety for girls)

▪                Parenting Emotionally Healthy Children:  Kids Health (for parents)

▪                Parenting Emotionally Healthy Children:  Kids Health (for kids)

▪                Parenting Emotionally Healthy Children (upper elementary):  PBS Kids (friends, family, school, body & emotions)

▪                Parenting Emotionally Healthy Children (upper elementary):  Tween Parent (parents “tweens”)

▪                Personal Safety:  FBI’s Safety Tips for Kids and Parents

▪                Personal Safety:  Net Smartz Kids

▪                Personal Safety:  The Safe Side

▪                Personal Safety (lower elementary):

▪                Personal Safety (lower elementary):  McGruff the Crime Dog

▪                Personal Safety (lower elementary):  Electrical Safety World

▪                Personal Safety (lower elementary):  Fire and Electrical Safety

▪                School Success:  We Do Listen Foundation

▪                School Success (pre-kindergarten):  Going to School (school readiness)

▪                Social Skills (lower elementary):  Crawford the Cat

▪                Social Skills (lower elementary):  PBS Parents

▪                Social Skills (lower elementary):  Out on a Limb – A Guide to Getting Along

▪                Supporting Special Needs Learners:  The Friendship Circle

▪                Supporting Those Who Are Grieving:  Amanda the Panda

▪                Supporting Those Who Are Grieving:  Mommy’s Light

▪                Transition to Middle School:  South Middle School Counselor’s BlogTransition to Middle School:  Middle School…Its My Life

▪                Transition to Middle School:  Moving to Middle School

▪                Transition to Middle School:  Kurt Warner – What Middle School was Like for me

▪                Transition to Middle School:  Tips for Moving up to Middle School