Health II

Course Description

The Health II class continues the progression of health related information that has been taught in Health and PE classes. Areas of study may include: stress management, body systems, health care systems, dynamics of nutrition, body image, fitness, international health, wellness programs, disabilities, infectious/non-infectious disease, mental disorders, self-esteem, and community health services.

Health 1 is a pre-requisite for Health II. Health II is an elective. The Health requirements for graduation are fulfilled by Health I (also referred to as “Health 9”).


Health II Syllabus

Article Review Outline

Health Current Event

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Other Documents

Stages of Change and SMART Goals

United States Healthcare

Infectious Diseases

Epidemics WebQuest Research

Facts About Nutrients worksheet

Fad Diet Research Project

Body Image and the Media

Eating Disorders Brochure

Mental Disorders

Effects of Alcohol


Stress Management