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Waukee High School Physical Education

Philosophy Statement

Waukee students will become physically educated individuals who have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of physical activity.

Our Goal

The goal of Waukee Physical Education is to develop healthy students and lifelong learners in a safe and respectful environment by educating the whole child (mind, body, and spirit) with community involvement playing an influential role in development.

Functional Movement Screen

The Functional Movement ScreenTM includes seven tests that assess mobility and stability. The Functional Movement ScreenTM
 was designed to minimize unnecessary non-contact injuries currently sustained in individual  and team activities. The warm up exercise routines performed in physical education are derived from data from the FMS.  The warm up routines serve to enhance performance and prevent injury while improving the students’ functional deficits. Through FMS we hope to improve the effectiveness of the current physical education program and help the student to enjoy improved performance while preventing unnecessary injuries.

Waukee physical education students will be pre-assessed at the start of the term on Deep Squat, Active Straight-Leg Raise, and Trunk Stability Push-Up from the Functional Movement ScreenTM.  These three assessments are most beneficial to identifiy weakness in basic everyday body movement patterns.  Students will set a fitness goal for improving functional movement as a result of their FMS scores.  Instructors will implement a variety of exercises to facilitate improvement based off the FMS pre-assessment results and student goals.  A post-assessment will be performed at the end of the term with the students reflecting on the results.  The following links provide further information regarding the Functional Movement Screen TM:

Deep Squat

Active Straight Leg Raise

Trunk Stability Push Up

Scoring of FMS

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