8th Grade Apocalypse Resources

8th grade analysts –

Your quest to help the Coalition for the Preservation of Human Existence continues! Now that you have analyzed the resources that were found after the big “tragedy” on Earth, you have arrived at an idea regarding what is happened to a large portion of the human population. Your next goal is to answer the guiding question “what should the human race do next?”

Using the suggested resources below, which have been organized by causes for human endangerment, find factual and credible text evidence to help answer the guiding question posted above.

While you research, track the information you gather on your CPHE Research Graphic Organizer. Make a copy to save in your Google Docs.

When you are all finished researching, use the Persuasive Proposal Graphic Organizer to write your final product.

Extraterrestrial (Alien) Invasion:

NASA Exoplanet Exploration

NASA Alien Life

NASA Mars Rover 

Space.com Search for Life 

The SETI Institute 

TED Talks Collection – Extraterrestrial Life 

Air & Space – Would We Know Alien Life if We Saw it? 

What Would Actually Happen if Aliens Made Contact With Earth?

What Would Happen if Aliens Contacted Earth?– BBC

Technology Overtaking Humans:

Stephen Hawking – Tech Can Overtake Humans

Forbes – Will Robots Replace the Human Race? 

LiveScience – Intelligent Robots Will Overtake Humans 

Experts Predict when AI Will Overtake Human Performance 

Nuclear Warfare:

Nuclear Weapons Timeline

Nuclear Weapons History

Britannica Nuclear Weapons

The Development and Proliferation of Nuclear Warfare 

After Effects of Nuclear War

Chemical/Biological War:

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

Chemical Warfare Agents 

Chemical Use in WWI

The History of Biological Warfare

What is Biological Warfare?

Britannica – Biological Weapon

Widespread Endemic/ Epidemic/ Pandemic:

Possible Effects of a Pandemic

What if Pandemic Strikes

Past Pandemic Effects 

World Health Organization Global Epidemic Impacts

Extreme Weather/ Natural Disaster:

Global Change – Extreme Weather

NASA – Global Climate Change

Global Warming and Weather Events 

NASA – Extreme Weather 

Additionally, below are suggested resources for some of the common answers to the guiding question:

The creation of a biosphere / self-contained ecosystem:

Biosphere 2 – 25 years later

Biosphere 2 TED Talk

Biosphere 2 History

Can Humans Survive in an Enclosed Environment?

Self-Sustaining Habitats

Planet colonization:

Smithsonian Planet Colonization

Forbes Planet Colonization

NASA Planet Colonization

The Future of Space Colonization

A Timeline for Humanity’s Colonization of Space

Nuclear waste remediation (clean-up):

Nuclear Waste Remediation

Plasma Filtering Techniques

Destructive Effects of Nuclear Bombings

Nuclear Exposure Long Term Health Effects 

What Experts Say…

7 Steps to Surviving an Apocalypse – NatGeo Kids

Expert Opinion – Human Extinction Risk

Stephen Hawking – How to Escape Earth 

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