First Meeting of 2015 • Tuesday, August 29 at 3 PM – Room 713

HyperStream Technology Club • Tuesdays at 3 PM in room 713 •

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HyperStream gives you the inside edge on how technology is overtaking the world and how you can join the revolution. Add your thoughts, build a Wiki, win prizes, play games, and check out amazing Iowa tech opportunities. Whether you have an iPod embedded in your ear or live for outdoor adventures – this is where you can find out how to rev your passion into overdrive! Don’t be left behind. HyperStream is open to any 9th – 12th grade student in Waukee Schools.

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HyperStream Alumni – Where Are They Now?

Wondering if HyperStream is right for you?  Check out what some of our alumni are doing now and how HyperStream helped them with their future.