The classroom teacher is the single most important factor in student learning. The state of Iowa requires all new-to-the-profession teachers to complete a two-year mentoring and induction program. Waukee’s mentoring and induction program promotes research-based teaching practices aimed at improving teaching and learning. Highly experienced teachers are selected to mentor our newest teachers as they develop a deeper understanding of Waukee’s high expectations for teaching and learning.

Mentors and mentees meet regularly throughout the two-year period. New-to-Waukee career teachers will also receive a mentor for one year through our TLC plan. The mentor provides the mentee support and encouragement critical to a successful start in education.

Mentoring Seminars 2017-18

Orientation Checklist

Mentoring Checklist Yearlong

Mentoring Manual

Mentor Communication Plan

Mentoring Action Plan Agreement

Educational Leadership Article

Paraphrasing Handout

Three C’s Continuum

Learning Focused Verbal Tools

15-16 Seminars


Why Mentoring is unlike…article

The Dos and Dont’s of Effective Mentoring

14-15 Seminars

Seminar Topics and Agenda

November Topic Resources:
Teacher Mindset Article Link
Teacher Portfolios/Artifact Collection

13-14 Seminars

Seminar Topics and Agenda

September Panel Resources:
Notes – Beginning of the Year Basics
Classroom Management

November Panel Resources:
Sample Research Report Rubric
Sample Rubric-Inferring
Sample Proficiency Spreadsheet

January Panel Resources:
Teacher Portfolios/Artifact Collection