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  1. Welcome to Waukee APEX!
    1. Norms
    2. Dress — Business Casual
      1. Men–polos, buttoned shirts, no sandals, no shorts, no hats (even hats with cats)
      2. Women–dresses just above the knee, no sandals
    3. Communication
      1. Keep communicating about absences, tardiness, events that come up
    4. Accountability
      1. Being on time, checking in with me should you be out of the office
    5. Productivity
      1. We have 2 hours every day. This is A LOT OF TIME to get things done. Staying focused on our FAMILY BUSINESS is going to be important.



  2. S–situation   T–task    A–action      R–result
    1. LINK 1
    2. LINK 2
  3. Keep THIS QUOTE in mind. If there was ever a quote for APEX, that might be it 🙂
  4. Start with the end in mind
    1. USE THIS LINK for some ideas on how to organize artifacts
      1. HERE is a link for all the standards