The complete Distribution Guidelines, Board Policy 1003.6-R can be viewed by clicking here. For your convenience, below is the portion of the policy that pertains to WaukeeBackpack.

WaukeeBackpack Procedures

  • All fliers will be distributed to students using WaukeeBackpack. Only students who do not have a computer and/or Internet access will be provided access to paper copies.
  • Non-school sponsored information will only be distributed from non-profit organizations. Distribution of materials for commercial organizations will not be permitted. Organizations must present proof of non-profit status.
  • All activities or information must be appropriate for students. Activities should relate to school function, event or purpose or relate to an agency that offers widely appealing recreational program options for students.
  • Flier distribution request should be submitted at least 10 days prior to the desired distribution date using the WaukeeBackpack Request Form. The completed form and one copy of the exact material in PDF format must be emailed to
  • The materials must include the following statements printed in type at least as large as the majority of the other text in the materials, separate from other text and located in a conspicuous location: This is not a Waukee Community School District publication. It is being distributed through the school district as a community service of the district to inform you of other community activities or services available.
  • Suitability and approval are at the discretion of the District. Materials are posted for informational purposes only. This does not imply Waukee Community School District’s endorsement of them.
  • The Waukee Community School District reserves the right to further limit the number of requests for posting, permit exceptions to the criteria noted above, deny posting rights to individuals or organizations which have demonstrated irresponsibility and permit limited paper copy distribution to students.
  •  If a person or organization is dissatisfied with the decision to not distribute their information, the person or organization may submit a written request for appeal to the Superintendent.
  • The person or organization submitting the request shall have the right to appear and present the reasons, supported by relevant witnesses and material, as to why distribution of the written material is appropriate.
  • Permission to distribute material does not imply approval of its contents by the school district, the Board, the administration or the individual reviewing the material submitted.

WaukeeBackpack Request Form

Email completed WaukeeBackpack Request Form and flier to Click here to download form.